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Family Tree Index

This section contains the individual trees which reflect the current state of my research into my own family history.  This index is not complete but each tree listed here either stands alone or overlaps with another to provide a complete ancestral trail on that side of the family.  Other trees not indexed here can be accessed from links within the trees below, from the "people" index or from the site map accessible via the home page.

These individual trees are in horizontal format showing 4 generations with details (where known) of births & baptisms, marriages and deaths & burials.

Trees in the standard vertical format with less detail can be
seen here.

Colin Webb (1915--1983), my father, born 23 March 1915 in Thurgoland, Yorkshire, the 3rd of 4 children born to George Frederick Webb and Alice Laycock . . . view his tree . . . view his records

Father's tree takes my Webb ancestry back to 3 x great grandfather Jeremiah Webb (see his tree below).

Esme Roystone (1919--1998), my mother born 29 July 1919 in Barnsley, the second child born to Albert Roystone and Florence Rooke . . . view her tree . . . view her records

Mother's tree shows the Roystone and Rooke families as far back as I have traced them.

Jeremiah Webb (1803--1854), my 3 x great grandfather, baptised 16 October 1803 in Bedford, the 3rd of 4 children born to William Webb and Alice Brightman . . . view his tree . . . view his records

My search for Webb ancestors came to an end with Jeremiah's father, William Webb (I cannot locate his birth or his parents), but I was able to research the ancestry of his mother Alice Brightman back to her grandparents Richard Brightman and Sarah Chapman and then back through Sarah Chapman (see her tree below).

Sarah Chapman (1692--1769), my 6 x great grandmother born about 1692 in Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire.  She was the 8th of 11 children born to Josias Chapman and Judith Crouch . . . view her tree

Research into Sarah Chapman takes me back to my 10 x great grandfather John Chapman, born about 1550 in Bedfordshire and who died in Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire in 1584.

Sarah Chapman's father, Josias Chapman (1657--1716) was the sole beneficiary at age 10 under the will of his uncle John Chapman (1605--1667) . . .
view his will

Mary Couldwell (1844--1917), my great grandmother, born 8 May 1844 in Thurgoland Yorkshire, the 5th of 9 children born to Amos Couldwell and Ann Bower Couldwell . . . view her tree . . . view her records

Mary's tree takes the Couldwell line back to Joseph Couldwell, born about 1690.

John Denton Laycock (1854--1879), my great grandfather, born 4 May 1854 in Thurgoland Yorkshire, the eldest of 3 children born to Joseph Laycock and Ann Denton . . . view his tree . . . view his records

John's tree takes the Laycock family back to William Laycock born about 1707.

Mary Jane Ashton (1848--1904), my great grandmother and wife of John Denton Laycock above, born in the last quarter of 1848 in Ecclesfield Yorkshire, the third of 7 children born to Henry Ashton and Elizabeth . . . view her tree

Mary Jane's tree takes the Ashton family back to Joseph Ashton whose birth date and place have so far eluded me.

Ann Betts (1822--1895), my 2 x great grandmother born about 1822, the 4th of 9 children born to George Betts and Ann Waring in Wroxton Oxfordshire . . . view her tree . . . view her records

Ann's tree takes the Betts family back to Richard Betts born about 1700.  Ann Betts married John Webb in 1843 and they were the parents of my great grandfather Charles Webb.  Ann married for a second time in 1846 by which time she was describing herself as Catherine Webb, widow.  She was thereafter known as Catherine Goodman but I have continued to refer to her by her birth name.

Below is my full ancestral tree.  Click on the image to view the full tree in pdf format.

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