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All text and pages as formatted and presented on this website are the copyright of Malcolm Webb and may not be reproduced under any circumstances without my express consent.  Any commercial use of the material on this site is strictly forbidden.
All the illustrations used on this site are from my own archive or have been loaned to me by family members with permission to copy and use them.  If I have inadvertently infringed anyone's copyright please let me know so that I can rectify the matter.  All transcriptions have been made by me from documents, books, CD's etc in my own reference library or from documents held in archives which I have visited.
Since facts cannot be my original work, the copyright of this site does not extend to the facts contained within it.  Such copyright belongs to the primary source where applicable.  All the facts I have obtained are traceable through the sources used which are available on request.
Information may be copied from this website for personal use and research provided that this site is acknowledged as the source.

This site does not use cookies or store any information about you.  You are free to browse this site anonymously subject to my copyright notice above.
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To the best of my knowledge and belief, there is no information on this site about living individuals.  In the absence of any other data I have assumed that anyone with a calculated age above 100 years to be deceased and data has been extracted from my database on that basis.  Details have been suppressed for any person with a calculated age of under 100 years.

I have taken very great care in researching and recording my family history and have cross-referenced, verified and documented all my sources wherever possible.  Some information was initially provided to me by other researchers, particularly the history of the Chapman family, and I have checked this personally against original sources and have exchanged additional information and corrections with other researchers where necessary.  Material on this site should be regarded as a secondary source of information and the original record should be consulted where possible.

The information on this site has been obtained from a wide variety of sources.  Some of it is family information, but most has been obtained by me during personal research into parish records, census returns and the variety of other documents publicly available at local archives, record offices and on-line.  Certificates obtained from various Register Offices and the General Records Office have verified my research and provided additional details.  These have been transcribed using my own forms and it is these transcriptions which appear on this site.  My sources are available on request.

Dates between 1582 and 1752
Throughout my research I have used the double-dating method to record dates between 1582 and 1752, during which period in Britain and her colonies (including America) New Year's Day was 25 March.  It was not until 1752 that Britain and her colonies adopted the Gregorian Calendar in which New Year's Day is 1 January.  So dates between 1 January and 24 March each year are "double-dated" e.g. 16 February 1656 in the Julian Calendar is actually 16 February 1657 in the Gregorian Calendar so it is written 16 Feb 1656/57.  Where I have shown only a year for an event it is written in the style of the current Gregorian Calendar.
For a fuller explanation of the Julian Calendar (45 B.C. to 1582 A.D.) and the Gregorian Calendar (1582 A.D. to present) and how the change affects genealogical research
click here  (NOTE: This is an external link to the Encyclopedia of Genealogy).

Technical notes and Software
All the pages on this site have been created using Microsoft Publisher 2000 then saved as web pages for uploading to the site.  I have very limited knowledge of the HTML code used for writing web pages - the code used here has been created by the Microsoft Publisher programme.  The site has been checked in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 7.
"Brother's Keeper" is the genealogical software programme I use for maintaining my database.  The Family Charts on this site have been generated from Brother's Keeper as rtf files, cleaned up manually as required, and then converted to pdf files.  The pdf files are then pasted into the pages on this site.  The Family Group Sheets have been generated directly out of Brother's Keeper as HTML files and uploaded to this site without amendment.  The associated index pages have been cleaned up by me for presentational purposes only.
"TreeDraw" is the programme used to generate the individual vertical family trees, including the large tree of my ancestors, which are saved as pdf files and uploaded to this site.
"Ancestral Author" is the programme I use for compiling my family history into book format; this programme has not been used in the preparation of this site.  The stories of the people and places used on this site, together with the photographs (and others not displayed here for copyright reasons), have been used in the compilation of my 25 years of research into a 263-page A4 book for my own and immediate family use.  There are only 2 copies in existence at the moment -- a prestigious case-bound volume and a "working copy" in a spring-back folder.  I am considering publishing this more widely for family members in a slightly different (smaller) format.

I would make particular mention of the tremendous help and assistance given to me by the Bedford & Luton Archives and Record Service, both during an extended visit there in 1996 and since, on numerous occasions, by e-mail and telephone.
Many other researchers have been kind enough to share their research with me since I began.  Some have looked at my research and pointed out where I might have gone wrong or pointed me in a direction which I had not considered.  To all of them, I shall remain eternally grateful.
If there is anything listed on my site which is at odds with your personal research I hope you will
e-mail me with details.

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