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SURNAMES INDEX Laycock and associated lines (Hardesty), (Kendall), (Laycock), (Piper), Ashton, Askham, Bolton, Brailsford, Bruck, Brummitt, Burgon, Burkenshaw, Burkinshaw, Clarke, Collier, Couldwell, Denton, Fawley, Fieldsend, France, Hallworth, Hargate, Hitchcock, Johnson, Kaye, Laycock, Micklethwaite, Pashley, Pickering, Pickersgill, Piper, Pratt, Riley, Roberts, Rolling, Sanderson, Senior, Smith, Stanley, Stephenson, Swift, Tingle, Uttley, Ward, Webb, White, Womersley, INDIVIDUAL NAMES INDEX (Hardesty), Louisa (b. abt 1843) (Kendall), Mary Jane (b. abt 1860) (Laycock), Ann (b. abt 1818) (Laycock), Frances (abt 1794-1859) (Laycock), Mary (b. abt 1817) (Piper), Eileen Ashton, Henry (abt 1818-1878) Ashton, Mary Jane (1848-1904) Askham, Betty (abt 1799-1882) Bolton, Elizabeth Jane (b. abt 1890) Bruck, Doris Brummitt, Ann (b. 1826) Burgon, Elizabeth (b. abt 1686) Burkenshaw, Annice Ruth (b. abt 1856) Burkinshaw, Mary E. (b. abt 1861) Burkinshaw, Samuel (b. abt 1832) Clarke, Maria (b. 1905) Collier, Ian G. Couldwell, Mary Ann (1796-1850) Couldwell, Mary (1844-1917) Denton, Ann (abt 1823-1874) Denton, John (d. bef 1831) Fawley, Ann (abt 1766-1854) Fieldsend, Ann France, Sarah (b. 1802) Hargate, Ann (b. abt 1836) Hargate, George (b. abt 1790) Hitchcock, Eliza Humphrey (b. abt 1855) Johnson, David Johnson, Hannah (b. abt 1867) Kaye, Elsie (1910-1986) Laycock, Albert (b. abt 1878) Laycock, Alice Gertrude (1869-1905) Laycock, Alice (1877-1972) Laycock, Alice (b. abt 1867) Laycock, Ann Elizabeth (b. 1875) Laycock, Ann Elizabeth (b. 1892) Laycock, Ann (1857-1939) Laycock, Ann (b. 1837) Laycock, Ann (b. abt 1883) Laycock, Ann (b. abt 1880) Laycock, Ann (b. abt 1846) Laycock, Ann (b. abt 1814) Laycock, Arthur E. (b. abt 1885) Laycock, Arthur (b. 1874) Laycock, Benjamin (1803-1882) Laycock, Benjamin (b. abt 1743) Laycock, Benjamin (b. 1811) Laycock, Betty (b. 1835) Laycock, Daniel (b. 1808) Laycock, Dick (b. abt 1875) Laycock, Edmund (b. 1801) Laycock, Edmund (b. abt 1887) Laycock, Edward (abt 1839-1908) Laycock, Edward (b. 1839) Laycock, Edward (1805-1827) Laycock, Edward (b. 1739) Laycock, Edward (b. abt 1781) Laycock, Elizabeth (b. abt 1869) Laycock, Elsie M. (b. 1892) Laycock, Emma Matilda (b. abt 1865) Laycock, Ernest (b. 1871) Laycock, Florence (b. abt 1894) Laycock, Frances (b. 1732) Laycock, Frank (b. abt 1880) Laycock, Frederick U. (b. abt 1865) Laycock, George (1802-1890) Laycock, George (1772-1852) Laycock, George (b. 1735) Laycock, George (1841-1864) Laycock, George (b. abt 1856) Laycock, Hannah (b. 1824) Laycock, Hannah (b. abt 1847) Laycock, Hannah (b. abt 1831) Laycock, Hargit (1895-1957) Laycock, Harold (b. 1898) Laycock, Harry A. (b. abt 1881) Laycock, Henry (b. 1824) Laycock, Henry (b. abt 1850) Laycock, Herbert (b. abt 1871) Laycock, Horrace (b. abt 1870) Laycock, Ida (b. abt 1888) Laycock, Isabella (b. abt 1890) Laycock, James (b. 1794) Laycock, James (b. abt 1872) Laycock, Jane (b. 1753) Laycock, Jane (b. abt 1842) Laycock, John Denton (1854-1879) Laycock, John G. (b. abt 1878) Laycock, John George (b. abt 1878) Laycock, John (1842-1842) Laycock, John (1794-1878) Laycock, John (b. 1833) Laycock, John (b. abt 1860) Laycock, John (b. abt 1845) Laycock, Jonathon (b. 1795) Laycock, Jonathon (b. 1785) Laycock, Joseph (1810-1864) Laycock, Joseph (b. 1831) Laycock, Joseph (b. 1788) Laycock, Joseph (b. abt 1870) Laycock, Laura (b. abt 1878) Laycock, Lawrence C. (b. abt 1881) Laycock, Lucy Mabel (b. 1880) Laycock, Martha (b. abt 1877) Laycock, Martha (b. 1849) Laycock, Mary Ann (b. 1797) Laycock, Mary Ann (b. 1862) Laycock, Mary Ann Laycock, Mary Denton (b. 1879) Laycock, Mary Womersley (b. 1835) Laycock, Mary (b. 1775) Laycock, Mary (b. 1746) Laycock, Mary (b. 1819) Laycock, Mary (b. abt 1873) Laycock, Mary (b. abt 1837) Laycock, Matthew (b. 1816) Laycock, Michael (b. 1818) Laycock, Mona (b. abt 1882) Laycock, Neddy (b. 1831) Laycock, Owen (b. 1876) Laycock, Rachel (b. 1822) Laycock, Richard (b. 1747) Laycock, Richard (1827-1837) Laycock, Rufus (1890-1961) Laycock, Ruth (b. 1829) Laycock, Samuel (1839-1889) Laycock, Sam (b. abt 1863) Laycock, Sarah Elizabeth (1857-1921) Laycock, Sarah (b. 1856) Laycock, Sarah (1844-1845) Laycock, Sara (b. 1742) Laycock, Thomas (b. 1807) Laycock, William (abt 1770-1849) Laycock, William (b. 1833) Laycock, William (b. 1813) Laycock, William (b. abt 1707) Laycock, William (b. abt 1841) Laycock, William (b. abt 1864) Laycock, Willis Edward (b. 1903) Laycock, Willis Norman (b. abt 1867) Laycock, Willis (b. abt 1886) Laycock, Winifred Amelia (abt 1888-1890) Micklethwaite, Andrew Micklethwaite, Mary Ann (b. abt 1848) Pashley, Mary (d. bef 1802) Pickering, Moira (1927-2008) Pickersgill, Hannah (b. abt 1802) Piper, Colin (1897-1980) Piper, Doris (b. 1899) Piper, George William Piper, Gordon Piper, Harold (b. 1902) Pratt, John Riley, Claude (b. 1904) Riley, William (1879-1935) Roberts, Ernest (1882-1969) Roberts, Nellie (b. 1912) Rolling, John Denton (1900-1972) Rolling, John Rolling, Octavious (b. abt 1872) Sanderson, Clara Senior, Arthur (1856-1937) Senior, Joseph Senior, Rose (1882-1934) Smith, Annie Smith, Robin Stanley, Martha Stephenson, Matilda Jagger (b. 1842) Swift, Bruce (b. abt 1875) Swift, Edward (d. bef 1904) Swift, Leonard Victor (b. 1906) Swift, Nelson (1908-1965) Tingle, Elizabeth (b. abt 1818) Uttley, Jane (b. abt 1843) Ward, Ann Webb, Charles (1843-1926) Webb, Colin (1915-1983) Webb, Eric (1919-1977) Webb, Frank (1913-1995) Webb, George Frederick (1886-1940) Webb, George (1911-1997) White, Elizabeth (b. 1771) White, Elizabeth (abt 1797-bef 1882) Womersley, George (b. abt 1685) Womersley, Mary (b. abt 1707) Top of Page Back to Homepage This index and associated Family Group Sheets are generated from my Brotherís Keeper Database. 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