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Latest update:  17 October 2012

This site contains details of the things which are of great importance to me or have, in some way, influenced my life.  The "Rotary", "Chet Atkins"  and "Kellington Church" pages were the first to be completed because the material for those pages was already available, albeit in different formats.  These pages are unlikely to change.

The "Genealogy" part of this site is a continuing work and these pages are being updated frequently as further research demands.  The genealogy link above is to a separate part of my website which I call "Mysterious Origins" -- you will see why if you take a look.

Malcolm Webb, Lincoln UK

Malcolm Webb

aged 12 months

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What I Do:-

1.     By Profession:-

I am a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a former Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.  After qualifying as a mining surveyor with the National Coal Board in 1971 I moved into the Area Estates Department, eventually rising to be Head of Subsidence for the North Yorkshire Area of British Coal where I remained until the coal industry was privatised in 1994.  In October 1994 I was appointed by the Secretary of State for Trade & Industry to be the Subsidence Adviser, a newly-created post at that time under the terms of the Coal Industry Act 1994, a post I held for 10 years.  My responsibilities were to provide information and advice about coal mining subsidence issues generally and to investigate complaints from the public that coal mining subsidence claims had been maladministered.  Following the decline in the coal industry and the diminishing number of claims being made, the Subsidence Adviser Regulations were rescinded by Order in Parliament and the Office ceased to exist on 10th October 2004.

Sheila and I set up our own business in 2001, Libertycare (Home Care Service) Ltd.  We are no longer associated with this company, or the care industry, since our retirement in August 2010.

2.     In my spare time:-

I do my own genealogical research -- see my Genealogy Page;

I collect and listen to the music of Chet Atkins -- see my Chet Atkins Page;

I am a Rotarian -- see my Rotary Page;

I maintain a website for a very dear friend:-

          Bas Blackbourn BEM --  Professional Services

I joined the Rotary Club of Barnsley Rockley in 1983 and was President in 1988-89.  I transferred to the Rotary Club of Wortley in 1995 when my appointment as the Subsidence Adviser prevented me from attending lunchtime meetings.  I was Governor of District 1270 in 1998-99 and served as President of Wortley in 2001-02.  Having moved to Lincoln during my Governship, I found it increasingly difficult to maintain a full commitment at Wortley which involved a 100 mile round trip every Monday night, plus the same journey to attend other events (I did this for 8 years).  I finally and reluctantly made the decision that the travelling was too much and transferred to the Rotary Club of Lincoln with effect from 3rd July 2006